Realm Forger

Realm Forger

The most flexible World Building tool

With its custom template creation, your world will always fit perfectly.

From universes, star-systems and planets to characters, animals, weapons and superpowers! From timelines, story arcs, detailed character profiles to armour sets, countries, species and single celled organisms. Anything is possible!

Realm Forger. Your next World Building tool!

Are there any restriction to what you can create with Realm Forger?
There’s almost no restriction on how you create your world and all that exists within it. You are free to create Templates for anything you need. From entities with one attribute to attributes with hundreds, it’s all up to you.
Will Realm Forger have Character design tools?
The Template system allows you to create any type of character you want. You could, for instance, create a templates for a specific Species or type of character. Or create a Template for NPCs and a specific, more fleshed out, templates for your main characters. Visually designing your characters will not be part of the first version of Realm Forger, but it’s something that I would love to be able to add in the future.
Will Realm Forger be free to use?
Yes, you can start your Realm Forger experience for free. It will only be limited in the amount of items you can create. All features* are available. *Version 1 features are to be determined, but will include and not limited to; RF Reader, RF Writer and RF Builder
Will there be Tutorials on how to use Realm Forger?
Yes, there will be video Tutorials on how to do the basic things. There will also be a Forum where you can ask your questions on how RF works / how to do things. And there’s a Discord server to help you out as well.
Can I show graphs of my Template data?
Yes. Specific Template Fields will allow you to show a graph on the Profile page. I’m still working on this, so I don’t have specific details yet.
How can I organise my data / entities?
There’s a ‘Tag’-system. You can add Tags to any Entity you create. There are pre-defined System Tags you can use, but you can also create your own Tags. You can use the Tags as a filter.
I’ve created a Template that could benefit more users!
Awesome! You can request for Template to be added as a ‘System Template’. If it is approved, this will free up a Template slot for you and make it accessible for everyone.
Can I make a Multi-Verse?
Sure! You don’t even need a multi-Realm account. Create a Universe Entity for each Universe and connect it to each Entity that is within that Universe.
Can I create my own Language / Conlang?
I did not think of this when starting Realm Forger, but since I got this question multiple times, I do want to implement it in some form. I need more details on how Conlang works, so I will be asking the community (Discord) for details.

Realm Forger is still in the early stage of development. Follow any of the social media platforms below to stay updated.